British Government plans for Social Networks and other Platform’s regulation to fight harmful contents

By Rebecca Smith. on April 19, 2019 in Entertainment, World News
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In our modern generation, people became more innovative. Innovations that can help us in our daily tasks were created and brought to the market. We have televisions that provide entertainment, washing machines for easy washing of our clothes, refrigerators for a cooler and fresher food, and air conditioners for a cooler and fresher environment inside our home. These are only some of the innovations that we have right now, and there are still more out there. But some of the most trending and used are the internet, computers, laptops, and mobile phones. With the internet, we can easily access and be aware of some relevant information and events in our place.

There are so many websites that we can visit as a source. Mobile phones, laptops, and computers are used not just to entertain ourselves, but also to do some tasks like academic and professional writing, working, and so many more. These gadgets provided us entertainment where we can watch videos, TV shows, play games, and so many more. With these benefits and opportunities given to us, we cannot always assure that we can still trust and rely on ourselves into the innovations mentioned above. These innovations don’t always bring excellent benefits, and there are still bad and negative outcomes.

The Suicide Case of Molly Russel

Last November 2017, a fourteen-year-old girl named Molly Russel from Noth Harrow, London, took her young life through suicide. It is believed that the victim took her own life after viewing contents that are linked to depression, anxiety, suicide, and self-harm. This incident became one of the head news in London’s news networks. Letters requesting for help from media companies were sent, but before this, the police stated that they might make a breakthrough. It was believed that the investigators tried to make an iPhone and iPod lock. Andrew Walker, a senior coroner, said that he must wait for updates before setting another investigation and proceedings. The father of Molly Russel, Ian Russel, just sat quietly in the corner of the court as they undergo brief hearing.

This year, Instagram announced that they would ban self-harm and suicide-related contents in connection with Molly’s death. Critics commented that the process was long overdue.

Peter Wanless, chief executive of NSPCC, said that the death of Molly Russel should never be taken for Instagram to act. Social networks and websites have proven over the last decade that they won’t do enough.

British Government plans for Social Networks & other Platform’s regulation to fight harmful contents

This case had led the British Government to lay a blueprint for new laws to be passed. These laws will regulate messaging, searching, and social networks to avoid having suicide cases again like Molly Russel’s suicide case. These laws were also made to lessen the cases of terrorist attacks, hatred, propaganda, and other inhumane doings. These laws are meant to provide safe online access for the people. These laws were dubbed as the world’s first safety laws online. These laws might also regulate Silicon Valley leaders like Mark Zuckerberg.

Youtube, more niche 8chan, and Facebook came for deep criticism just last month after the terrorist attack and bombing of two mosques in Christchurch. This was also followed by Instagram’s banning of self-harm related contents concerning Molly Russel’s suicide case.

The proposals were put forward by the UK’s Department in a white paper for the Culture, Digital, Media and Sport call for a regulator that will regulate and police the mentioned platforms from putting harmful contents.

These proposals will have the power to regulate and hold responsible executives if they fail to comply with the things included in the proposal and other laws. The fine from big networking companies can reach billions of dollars. They need to obey what the proposals are asking like the duty to take care of their users from harmful views and contents.

The Proposals also Include:

  • A strategy and media-literacy of the users for them to recognize malicious behaviors and harmful information or contents.
  • A framework that will help social networks build a secured and safe program for their users.
  • During elections, codes of practice are needed to lessen the spread of false information.
  • Request on social media networks and firms to take transparency whenever harmful contents were viewed and deal with the consequences.

Internet, social media, social networks, mobile phones, laptops, and other gadgets were the most significant innovations ever made and produced by the human mind. All of these have so many big contributions not only in one’s improvement but also to the improvement of the world as a whole. Some of the examples of global developments are improved, communication, where people can no easily access each other despite their distances. Another is the improved job rates, and people are now given a chance to have a job with the use of the internet just like an online tutor, broker, and many more. Well, some countries might not still be that civilized like what other countries are, but they surely make their efforts to be like that. But, behind all of these improvements brought to us by these modern innovations, still, negative outcomes are still happening and expected.

The case as mentioned earlier is only one of those, and there are still many cases lurking around the world, expecting to be heard and discussed. These innovations might be brilliant. But as time goes by, they lack with a stronger foundation to keep their users,  safe and secured from harm and threats. Social networks and other platforms began to deliver their users in darkness and worse, death. They became the cause and the grim reapers of every human being -death cases here, then suicide cases there. A place where it should be filled with love, laughter, and success, now became a place full of horror and sadness. What will happen in the next generation if we will not act now? What will be their situation when their time already came? This must be resolved. Unity is the only thing that we need to conquer and win this battle.

Rebecca Smith

Rebecca Smith

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