FORTNITE- Ordered to be Banned by Prince Harry

By Rebecca Smith. on April 7, 2019 in Entertainment
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In today’s generation, children tend to play mobile games and apps like Fortnite in their mobile phones, laptops, or computers instead of playing outdoor games like hiding and seek, hopscotch, and many more. Instead of socialising with other people outside, they lock themselves inside their house and play with their gadgets.

One of the examples of mobile games that causes addiction to the children is the Fortnite, which is an online video game released in 2017 by Epic Games.  It has three mode and versions in gaming but still shares similar to engines and gameplay. The three versions are Fortnite: Save the World, Fortnite Creative, and Fortnite Battle Royale. The first mode or version is the Fortnite: Save the World, which is a cooperative shooting game which is similar to Hunger Games played by four (4) players dropped in an island without any weapons. Players might fight with each other and collect weapons or build and defend structures that are vital in the whole duration of the game. Next is the Fortnite Creative which gives the players the freedom to create battle arenas and worlds. Lastly is the Fortnite Battle Royale, which is a battle royale played by up to one hundred (100) players battling to be the last player standing.

Ordered to be Banned by Prince Harry

A huge number of children from different parts of the world were considered addicted to this game, the Fornite. According to the recent study done by Statista Statistics Portal, there are over 250 million players of Fortnite coming from different parts of the world. These 250 million players were considered very active in this mobile game which might lead to youth addiction into this game. Addiction to a mobile game like this is considered as an alarming phenomenon for it greatly affects the children, their habits, and lifestyle. Some of the bad effects of this game to the children are that it can bring behavioral changes like likelihood to loneliness, laziness in some things like studying, taking a bath or even socializing with other people. It can likewise alter the child’s eating habits. They tend to skip their meals to continue their game.

The likelihood of eating junk foods, soda drinks, and some unhealthy meals is also a big problem. Another one is the change in sleeping habit. Instead of taking an eight-hour sleep, they stay awake all night to continue their game. This can damage their body clock which is essential in maintaining a healthy body. In terms of socialising with other people, they tend to talk to other people in a very short period. They have a little number of friends and acquaintances. They tend to feel alone, and this is disturbing. With this situation which loneliness takes over one person, suicide can’t be avoided. There is a recorded suicide case brought by Fortnite.

According to MailOnline, a 17-year-old teenager named Carl Thompson from Preston, Lancashire, attempted to kill himself. He jumped out of a window from the third-floor after taking up some amphetamines which are a stimulant drug that helps in the traveling of messages between the body and brain. This drug kept him awake all night to boost his rank in the game and turned out into a spiral-like misery feeling. Without some actions, the rate of suicide cases might increase, and a huge number of children might be the next victims. That is why Prince Harry’s decision of banning this online game is a must to save the children from death and to help lessen the rate of children addicted to it. He stated that this game eats the attention and time of the children which has a bad effect. He also asked for the help of the parents which can be a great help. The parent’s proper guidance and observance must be given to the children.

Prince Harry asked for the parent’s time and effort just to cut the children’s addiction to Fortnite. He humbly asked for their help to save the children. Prince Harry also asks other help and ways from different institutions, people, and services from all around the world.

Ordered to be Banned by Prince Harry

Playing the online game like the Fortnite is not considered as a bad one, but we must keep in mind about our limitations. The youth is the hope of the future so we must act now. Help them take the right path to success and not the wrong one.

In this modern generation, using modern technologies became a vital part of our lives. Things and tasks in this generation are done and completed with modern technologies. With the help of modern technologies, the production of online games, social media and networks are rapidly increasing to help and improve the life of the people. Online games like the Fortnite became a stress reliever and hobby of the children. This game can take away grudges, loneliness, and problems of the children. This became a top hot app played by children from all over the world. Internet, mobile phone, laptop, or computers are the things needed to play this game.  But, with all of these opportunities to play this game, limitations must be kept in mind. The bad effects are already narrated, so that must be kept in mind. Modern technologies are made to help us in our daily lives so we must avoid abusing it. Keep this in mind, “ you are not only abusing your resources which are the modern technologies, but you are also abusing your time, effort and most importantly, your body”. Think about the limitations of your time, and body. Not all the time, you can do whatever you want, there are also times when you’ll feel weak.

Youth is the hope of the future so we must act now and prove it. We must hold our hands together and help save them from downfall and crisis. They are the future warriors of our world. They must be strong and tough enough to fight against the battles that this world might give. So let us say agree to the banning of Fortnite and build a better and brighter future. Let us help together to make this world a better place to live in today and for the next generations to come.

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