Gun Control and Safety Bill, passed by the Pittsburgh Council

By Allison Saboz. on April 2, 2019 in U.S. News
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Our life in this world was only borrowed from God. Our life is a blessing, and we must be thankful for that. We must protect it with all our best from this toxic and unsafe world. In a city located in Western Pennsylvania, gun safety and stricter gun control are being passed into the Council. The city of Pittsburgh, which experienced a shooting incident called the Pittsburgh Tree of Life Synagogue which happened last year and took the lives of eleven (11) people was an alarming incident. Sadly, Pennsylvania and it’s Congress didn’t do any actions in regards to this incident. That’s why the Pittsburgh City Council exerted a lot of effort and time to pass a gun control bill.

Gun Control and Safety Bill, passed by the Pittsburgh Council

Three gun-control bills were voted, and 6-3 is the result. This gun-control bill was made to confiscate and ban assault-style rifles and other deadly weapons that might bring harm to the life of the citizens of Pittsburgh City. Recent and timely consecutive cases of killing, mass killings, murders, and other inhumane doings have been rapidly increasing. This phenomenon is an alarming one that needs immediate action. This proposed bill can be the answer and protection of the people from death and harm. According to O’Connor, massive and continuous cases of killings might open the minds of the people into gun control forms. O’Connor also stated that this bill is for the sake of all the citizens of Pittsburgh City and not for the sake of outertown citizens. Yes, it is. However, O’Connor had listened to what the critics have just decided, and it is to reduce from the banning of assault weapons to a “use” of some weapons in public. So, it turned out that some weapons are still legal to use in public, but there are limitations.

The city Mayor of Pittsburgh, which is Mayor Bill Peduto, already promised that he would sign the bill about this gun control bill. The proponents of this bill argued that this bill would bring a safer and more friendly environment to the people of Pittsburgh City, but on the other hand, the opposing side said that it is illegal to make and enact laws at a local level of government. In the making and enacting of laws, bills, and rules, the national government is the only institution or system that are legally prohibited from making and enacting such laws. Also, according to Van Finell which is a gun rights advocate from the Kennedy Township, it is impossible and illegal for a municipality to enact laws, especially about gun control. It doesn’t matter even it’ll be changed from “ban” to “use,” he added.

Gun Control and Safety Bill, passed by the Pittsburgh Council

A public meeting and hearing took place in Pittsburgh City to discuss the proposed bill. Some citizens and over one hundred (100) speakers joined the hearing but what’s more annoying in this event is that people from outer town came and joined the public hearing. With this alarming situation, where people of this city are suffering from assaults, gun control is a must. Guns and other weapons are used either to defend oneself or to harm other people. But, with the Pittsburgh Tree of Life Synagogue shooting incident, weapons are used in violence and to take the lives of 11 innocent human beings. This clearly shows that the city is not safe from danger. The incident itself proves that it is unsafe to live in this city.

According to one of the Ten Commandments, no one shall not kill. Killing or taking someone’s life is a sin and is against the laws of God. A person who had killed someone must be punished under the power of laws and bills. In our modern generation, guns and other weapons are now easily accessed by the people. Illegal ways and transactions are one of the ways to get and own a weapon which is also punishable under the power of law and bills. Owning a weapon without legal papers and documents is also considered punishable by the law. But why do people always wanted to own a weapon, a gun, a sniper, and more? And why do they take the lives of innocent people?

The citizens or residents of a city suffering from continuous shooting incidents must stand for their rights. They must be given a chance to speak for themselves and their rights. What will happen to the next generation if they’ll not stand for their rights? What will happen to the future of the next generation if they’ll not do so? Speak for yourselves and speak for your rights. Never let corrupt people manipulate your living.  But, in today’s generation of government and justice system, it is unclear to see and achieve justice. Weapons must be used only in battles, wars, and in defending the country or other people.

Gun Control and Safety Bill, passed by the Pittsburgh Council

There is no legal order to use this a life taker and war giver. Well, weapons played a significant role in maintaining a free country. A great example of this is during the American Colonization in the Philippines. The defenders of the country used weapons to retrieve the country’s independence and freedom. They used this to fight against the Americans who have better kinds of weapon but still, successfully kicked them out of the country. In Law Officers or the Policemen and Policewomen, weapons are their tool to catch the criminals and to promote a safer and better place. But they are the only personnel who are given the order to own weapons and not the simple residents of a city.

We must take good care of our lives for this is only a borrowed one. Never waste any single moment of your life. Enjoy every little thing and event in your life. Love the people around you and the people who are always there to help and guide you. Never let violence to take over our lives. Forget about guns and other weapons, instead, work and help together to embrace a brighter future for you and me, and the future of humanity.

Allison Saboz

Allison Saboz

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