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Liberty is a fire that burns within the hearts of all those who desire to live free! Born not from the authority of any government, Liberty is descendant from Laws of Nature and inherently contained within the institutions of the human heart and mind. Thus, it cannot and shall not perish from this earth, all people, in all epochs, in any nation, have a natural right to ordered liberty. Reason and Nature dictate that if utilized in harmony with the Spirit of the Law, Liberty will stimulate the best virtues of mankind to the ends of protecting freedom and maximizing collective prosperity. Liberty is a common bond, a link, an affection that creates hope for a better tomorrow. It is a universal tie between all people because it develops civil order and promotes an enlightened polity of noble and loyal citizens.

Happily for the human multitude and the condition of mankind that our rights are conferred according to the Laws of Nature and not by the dictates of government- Therefore, for a government to be legitimate it must first obtain the consent of the governed, and second, provide laws so that it’s citizens may rule over themselves.

Self-Government remains the fundamental starting point for the attainment of Liberty. The spirit and conscious of people reflect the type of government in which they dwell. If a people are ignoble and corrupt then they will live in an authoritative regime bent on controlling their excesses, conversely, if a people are wise and prudent then their government will be limited and will promote the values and principles that they hold dearest within the confines of their hearts.

Accompanying the blessings of Liberty are amazing responsibilities for citizens to behave with temperance and wisdom. The benefits of Liberty are illuminated within a polity in proportion to the quality of public virtue, while the endurance and longevity of Liberty are dependent upon the maintenance of social order. Liberty is happiness because is a harbinger of public prosperity, thus to secure it for the generations yet to be born requires dedicated “vigilance” and a constant understanding of its essence.

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To find the essence of Liberty we must look to our past statesman and heroes. The past tells us how we have become a Nation and how things ought to be – the present tell us what type of citizen we have created – the future is unchanged and is wholly dependent upon what we conceive today. Thus the questions arise, as citizens do we hold the sacred maxims truths? –or as ancient precepts that possess no authority to the modern wisdom of the moment? If the answer is yes to the former then we have indeed succeeded as a people, if not then we have failed in our duty to our predecessors who were so fond of the notion of Liberty. Benjamin Franklin, America’s greatest father and patriot, once wrote concerning the love of Liberty: “God grant, that not only the love of liberty but a thorough knowledge of the Rights of Man, may pervade all the nations of the earth, so that a philosopher may set his foot anywhere on its surface and say, ‘This is my Country’.”

As enlightened citizens we must maintain a reverence for the past by acknowledging the venerable and wise deeds of our ancestors. Truth compels us to bear the additional responsibility of cultivating and educating the masses. To educate a people is not to convince them of a certain way of life or to drive them into uniform belief- so that they will follow, willfully and zealously, and ultimately believe without reservation that there can be only one way to live and that is to live free! Direction and vision are necessary prerequisites that a people desire and crave if they are going to entrust their leaders. In a government based on the consent of the people, power should-not evolve from the top to the bottom but rather from the bottom to the topthis being so if one is to lead a people to the good life, that leader will have to capture the Vision ofa people, expressing it in terms of free ideals, then and only then will the hearts and minds of a people follow.

So often do we forget that we are born free and accordingly we must endeavor to live free-we, at times squander our remembrance of the past by taking for granted our Liberty. The pages of Liberty are versed with the annals of freethinkers and patriots. Blood has substituted for ink as a means to record the uncommon language of free men, valor has substituted for cowardice, and duty has displaced mischief patrons of the common cause have heroically created a path for glory to become paramount within our human conscience. When our senses and human tendencies fail to expand our general love of Liberty, the mind through the vehicle of reason takes over, breaking what we believed to be a limit to our understanding and thrusting us into the realm of Pure Truth. Pure Truth pronounces that we must capture in our lives the very essence of Liberty, to live justly and serve each other by the legacy, which we bear, to our ancestors and descendants. Sons and daughters of liberty, patrons of the common cause, friends of winged freedom, unite behind the pursuit of virtue and declare that the Rights of Man belong to no tyrant or king. Let us call forth the rugged sense of American individualism, the self-reliant pioneering spirit, the daring quest and impulse for discovery that once pervaded our land and exalt in our common love of Liberty.

We are at the helm of a choice between immortality and death, for we must see the flame of Liberty as eternal and the fate of indecision as confinement. Brave songs of necessity breed the seedlings of reality within the hearts of all those who wish to live free. Our love of Liberty must be as much intellectual as it is fervent and passionate only in this fashion will we be able to extend our freedom to its most ideal limits. Great citizens are compelled to excellence in the art of all their creations. Great leaders think of their loved ones and native lands as they advance the causes of freedom for all mankind. It is best to crave the honorable pursuits of antiquity rather than the modern ideologies of today. Live long robust souls, behave with righteousness in all of your deeds, dedicate yourselves to living as vanguards to Liberty, remember that thou too shall transpire, but the history and legacy that you leave behind in service to your people and country will echo for a million sunsets.

Rob Sirianni

Rob Sirianni

Mr. Sirianni is digital growth mastermind and also CEO of Big Law Titans. He works as a content specialist for Legal writing categories. As a digital nomad, he seeks the perfect integration of life with creative enterprise.

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