New Zealand’s Gun Policies were Changed after the Mass Shooting at the Linwood and Al Noon mosques in Christchurch

By Malik Ferri. on April 7, 2019 in World News
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On the third Friday in March 2019, a right-wing terrorist attack took the lives of fifty (50) innocent people at the Linwood and Al Noon mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. This alarming shooting incident became the headlines not only in New Zealand’s news and media but also in other countries around the world. This also became the top rumors covering the citizens of New Zealand. The people were frightened for they thought that their place is not safe anymore to live in. Day by day, people came to protest for the justice of the victims of this inhumane incident. The families, friends, acquaintances, and concerned citizens came together, asking for the justice that the victims deserve.

Condolences and help from the place itself and other countries around the world were delivered to lessen the burden of the victims’ families, friends, and loved ones. The people of New Zealand have gathered in Takapuna beach for a vigil in memory of the fifty (50) victims of the Christchurch mosques terror attacks. They offered their condolences and prayers especially to the victims’ families, friends, and love ones. The place which is covered with laughter and peace before turned out to be covered with anger, sadness, and terror. A place where tourists once loved to visit and enjoy has now become a place where people are seeking for justice and protection.

The Prime Minister of New Zealand, JacindaAndern, ordered to change the gun laws and provide a stricter gun control for the safety of the people in less than 24-hours after the right-wing terrorist attack that took the lives of fifty innocent people at the Linwood and Al Noon mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand. She ordered to ban military-style semiautomatic weapons, assault rifles and other deadly weapons that might harm the people. The center-right main opposition party and the coalition government gave their approval and approval in this order which is a great help to finally and apply the said order to the whole territory of New Zealand.

 Concerning civilian gun ownership, the people of this island country does not have any legal and constitutional right for them to own guns. But, this island country has a strong gun law just like in the United States of America. The only problem here is that these gun laws have so many loopholes and gaps most especially in the registration for gun ownership. These gaps have led to non-stop and deeper debates in the country. Some owners of guns do not want a tougher and stricter gun law, while police have come to see the current legal framework as “intermittent”, as reported by Stuff which is a media company in New Zealand. According to the Small Arms Survey, there are more than 1.2 million civilian-owned firearms which are equivalent to one gun for every four people of the island country. This survey puts the island country in the top 20 nations in the world with civilian gun ownership.

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According to the US Law Library of Congress, the system of New Zealand mainly focuses only on the licensing but not in the registration of firearms. It clearly stated that the New Zealand system does not require any registration of firearms owned by any civilian. In New Zealand, before legally purchasing, owning, and possessing a gun or any firearm, a civilian must obtain a license. A license application is being checked, its personal information, any personal background, and any criminal record if he/she has so. There are also some other tests and processes to be done to ensure that the license applicant is responsible enough to own one. Once the license applicant has already complied with all the tests, processes, and checks, he/she can finally purchase and own some types of firearms. This license only lasts for ten years and once caught using an expired license, and the police can put them in jail to avoid some threats. Gun sellers and makers also have a license to obtain, and they must follow regulation from the police.

On the other hand, stricter gun law can’t stop gun shooting incidents, but when there is a stricter and stronger gun law, fewer firearms and fewer gun shooting incidents can be achieved. According to a survey done by, New Zealand have a stricter gun law and fewer homicide cases compared to the US, who has loose gun laws and the results to the increase of homicide cases. The Christchurch mosques terror attack incident stands as a testament on how rare this type of incident to happen in New Zealand but also shows how awful and disturbing the attacks were. This also shows and proves that New Zealand needs to improve the foundation of its gun laws and provide stricter and stronger gun laws for the sake and safety of all the people. These gun laws are not only applicable and needed in New Zealand but, other countries such as the United States of America, the Philippines, and other countries from all around the world can do so.

In today’s generation and for the coming next generations, our world is slowly turning to be a place of violence, corruption, death, and darkness. The cases of gun shootings, bombings, wars, corruption, and so many inhumane doings are rapidly increasing which will bring harm and worse, end to the entire humanity. If we will not act and do changes today, our future might be a mess and full of darkness. A bright future will not be achieved. Poverty, death, and corruption will be the things that’ll rule our future, and so, we must stop it. We are all children of God. We are all brothers and sister despite our differences in gender, identity, religion, race, and other things. We must help each other for us to embrace a brighter future. We can’t let violence to run into our lives, government, and environment, instead, let us all love, make peace and take good care of our world and future.

Malik Ferri

Malik Ferri

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