President Trump’s NRA Conference to be addressed in late April

By Joanna Vizol. on April 6, 2019 in Politics
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On Friday, April 26, 2019, President Donald J. Trump will address the members of NRA or the National Rifle Association at the NRA Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) forum in Indianapolis, Indiana. This group became one of the most important and supported group by President Trump for this helped him to win the 2016 election. This group had spent millions to put President Trump on power. President Donald Trump will deliver the keynote address for the third consecutive year at the NRA-ILA Leadership Forum.

What is the NRA or the National Rifle Association?

The NRA or the National Rifle Association was founded in 1871 and still working presently as a leading body for the sport of shooting with pistols, rifles, and other modern firearms available in this modern generation. It’s headquartered is in Fairfax, Virginia. Roy Innis, Charlton Heston, and Oliver North are some of the people related and connected into this association. Its areas of involvement include shooting, guns, and other firearms. In the United States, NRA or the National Rifle Association is the leading organization for gun rights. In the early times of the 21st century, the NRA or the National Rifle Association stated that they already have nearly five million members that include hunters, target shooters, gunsmiths, gun enthusiasts, police, gun collectors, and other people who have interconnection with firearms.

One of the NRA or the National Rifle Association’s relevant activities that began in the early 20th century was its effective and highly political lobbying and campaigning against the proposals that were meant to regulate and control firearms usage. Measures as infringements of the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution was characterized consistently and individual’s liberty grave threats, maintaining moves in the wake and memory of recent and time to time mass shootings in the country. The 2016 Orlando Shooting, together with the 2012 Newtown Shooting incidents are only some. Well, the NRA or the National Rifle Association always decline to provide public statements regarding mass shootings used with guns, they stated that gun control and regulations will never prevent violence such as mass shootings. Instead, they proposed that incidents like mass shootings can be prevented by allowing every civilian citizen to carry them with guns, or other firearms for them to defend themselves in times of attacks.

On the other hand, as stated in the 1993 publication funded by federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), gun ownership increased the rate of homicide cases in the home. Reallocation of the CDC’s budget on gun violence research and to the adoption of a law, also named as the Dickey Amendment was successfully lobbied by the NRA or the National Rifle Association in the Congress. The mentioned law prohibits the CDC from funding researches that advocates and studies gun control and regulation. This amendment successfully stopped the CDC from research funding in connection with gun violence in the past years. The American NRA or the National Rifle Association was guided after Great Britain’s NRA or the National Rifle Association that was formed back in 1859. It’s headquarter is located near Woking, Surrey, England.

Chris Cox, the Executive Director of NRA-ILA stated that Donald Trump is the most enthusiastic and considerate supporter of the Second Amendment to occupy and work in the Oval Office in our lifetimes. For the fifth consecutive year, it is truly an honor and never-ending gratitude for us to have President Donald Trump to address the NRA members. The appointments of President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court ensures and promises that the Second Amendment will be treated with respect for the next coming generations. The members are so excited to hear and thank President Trump for his support for the group’s right in keeping and bearing arms.

The NRA or the National Rifle Association got President Donald Trump as their staunch supporter even before his time in the office. Through President Trump’s pledge to secure the said Second Amendment and his nomination of conservative judges, he had the chance to gain the support of the members of NRA or the National Rifle Association.

During the wake of the 2018 February shooting in Parkland, the President vowed that he will take actions to curb and resolve gun violence. Then, due to fearing in the NRA or the National Rifle Association, a GOP Senator was accused by President Donald Trump.

President Trump’s NRA Conference

Trump did not any of background checks or increase of age requirements in connection with purchasing and owning firearms, instead showing some proposals for the school safety improvements. Due to the pressure from the NRA or the National Rifle Association, Trump chickened out, disputed characterization by the White House.

Questions from the Democrats were recently raised in view whether campaign finances coordinated with the 2016 Trump and GOP’ campaigns were violated by the gun group. Due to the connections of the NRA or the National Rifle Association to the Russian nationals, the group was made to be under scrutiny.

Our world is totally suffering from darkness and violence these past few days, months, years, and decades. Mass killing and other shooting cases became the headlines of top news networks in other countries throughout the world. A huge number of innocent people became the victims of these inhumane incidents and justice is the only thing that their family, friends, and loved ones are asking for. Not only their loved ones but also, some people from different parts of the world, are joining their quest to claim the justice that these innocent victims deserve. Let’s hope that gun control and regulation laws will have a better and stronger foundation to conquer and fight the opposing sides. May all the leaders in each country reach the enlightenment of mind to be able to produce wise and fair decisions for the better sake of the people. And to the opposing sides, may you all be punished by the law, regret your sins, and reach the point where you will realize the damages you brought to the entire humanity. Better regret it now as you still have time for justice and conscience are the greatest warriors of humanity that you’ll ever face.

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