Reflections on the American Soldier

By Rob Sirianni. on April 4, 2019 in Politics
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Something magnanimous and kindred with heroism occurs when America’s armed forces protect our country and Her people from harm. Forcible retaliation for the recent events that have transpired against the United States of America is a necessary and mandatory course of action. We shall be victorious in all our military campaigns, for we are more capable than any nation to combat esteemed threats to Freedom and Liberty. Victory will be achieved when our Nation’s armed men and women bring to Justice all groups, nations, and individuals responsible for upsetting the dynamic flow of democracy. There are moments of honesty and truth for our Nation and our allies when we unite as a people and declare that we will no longer countenance disruptions of peace.

Reflections on the American Soldier

As citizens, it is not necessary that we always support each war, but we must always support our troops when sent to answer our country’s call of duty. Thus, let us not forget when our troops are summoned, and they will be summoned, that they are protectors of freedom and praetorians of the world to come.

 Therefore, in harmony with the principles stated formerly; Glory and Honor are found on the front lines of the battlefield when noble American soldier advance the causes that our Nation adopts as a Just reason to wage war. At times our citizen-soldiers sacrifice the most precious gift of all, their lives, for the great celestial article of Freedom. Compelled by their overwhelming sense of duty to God and country, the steam-powered American soldier places his own personal preservation aside; for he believes resolutely that the security of America and its citizens is best served by his sacrifice. In any theatre of war, the end result of the military is a mutual exchange of one sacred gift for another between the American soldier and his country. The soldier supplies defense, strength, security, and in some fleeting moments of victory and valor his life; while the Nation supplies his conscious with the hope that the dreams and ideals of America will remain undaunted, and, accordingly, forever available to his loved ones and fellow countrymen.

Reflections on the American Soldier

Pride in being an American and in the hot-blooded spirit that beats through the fabric of his heart prohibits the American soldier from placing his individuality above the safety and happiness of our blessed Nation. Nay, the enlisted men, and women of the American military would never ignore their duty to our Nation because they have abolished in their hearts and minds the natural instinct for self-preservation, and substituted that device with the noble endeavor of protecting the great future of the United States for the generations yet to be born. As patriots with souls of fortitude, our American soldiers have made a contract with both our ancestors and descendants to ensure that America shall dwell forever under the Divine Providence of God.

Although our Nation has given birth to the most unique political ideals in the history ‘of the world, the promises introduced by our forefathers are coupled with amazing civic responsibilities. As Americans, we are united not only by our bravery, blood, and virtue but also through our constant dedication to preserving the sacred flame of Liberty. Thus, our common veneration for antiquity requires that we protect the Rights of Man by seeking the objects of peace and avoiding the calamities of war. Our National character is created in proportion to the quality and strength of our military. Reflections of our national pride are illuminated by the power and unity of each branch of our armed services. The American spirit must continuously emanate from the heroic hearts of our military service men and women. In any war-field or military engagement, our soldiers must feel as if they have the support of a million comrades in arms who power them like locomotives into battle by replacing their fears and hesitations with thoughts of freedom and courage!  Even in times of peace, our military must always reflect the greatness of the American people.

 Exalt the red, white, and blue, roll on American identity, full of flavor, valor, and brawn; the filibuster-rebel spirit that once pervaded our land is not dead or hibernating, but resonates like a bugle tap from the patriotic hearts and mouths of all those who love our land and will toil each hour to ensure the American dream will never be threatened by tyrant or time.

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The American vision is not finished and our voyage-end has not yet reached its last port of call. There is unfinished work yet to be done, however, with a passionate people who support and respect the dedication that our military enlisted men and women lend to the United States of America there is no limit to possibilities of human Freedom.

“Each age forever needs architects” that will cultivate undying support for the American ideals that make our country the greatest promise and certainly the greatest vision of Freedom and Liberty ever recognized by the capacity of human nature. In America there exists a beating heart, a vision, a pioneering spirit, a sense of self-respect all of which can never be surrendered or taken away by an opposing military power. Our greatness comes from within and strengthens us to live as vanguards of Freedom.

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Unfortunately for the condition of the military, however ardent and habitual our support may be, many of the traditional values and principles of our polity are eroded and undermined in the same fashion that rust corrupts a steal bar. Tis’ the citizens who take for granted their freedom, and limit their commitment to the fundamental convictions of our Nation, that diminish the sacred reverence we once shared for the cause of Liberty. The only way to combat the adversary of ignorance and the vice of modernism is to restore confidence within both the American people and in each branch of the United States military. Confidence and a renewed sense of purpose will ignite a passionate and directed vision for our armed forces. In this manner, the baton of responsibility and service will assuredly pass to the next generation of American citizen-soldiers.

With all of the challenges that accompany the modern era, the democratic march continues, our souls filled and polished with fortitude, our minds respectful of the wisdom of past heroes, and our hearts in step with a symphony of peace and strength. We are one spirit, one triumph of heart, one friendship, and one equal kin of Liberty. We dare not shunneth our country’s service for the sake of our own individual honor; we dare not tremble nor escape any service or fate for fear of death. Past heroes-you is not forgotten. Current citizen-soldiers – do not be alarmed. Even in the modern world filled cynicism and distrust your touching of immortality is guaranteed by your loyalty and service to our Great Nation and Her people.

Rob Sirianni

Rob Sirianni

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