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By Evan Murphy. on February 26, 2019 in Politics
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The American People have always held the Office of President of the United States in high esteem. In retrospect, Ronald Reagan‘s presidential term clearly illuminated the type of enthusiasm and admiration that Americans hold for the office of President. Reagan’s intellectual center inspired Americans to maintain an optimistic attitude about the future. Furthermore, Reagan consistently assured the American people, and the world, that democracy would triumph over communism. In this sense, Reagan’s optimism and belief system enticed American’s to hold the Office of President and the man occupying that office-Ronald Reagan- in high admiration.

Ronald Reagan was one of the greatest Presidents this country has ever seen. It was not so much his charisma, which he undoubtedly possessed, or the legacy he left behind that made Reagan one of our greatest Presidents; rather, it was the basic fact that he maintained fundamental principles of right and wrong.

Ronald Maximus

 During Regan’s Presidency, he was steadfast in his resolve to ending communism and the cold war. He was not the type of man who would hold his hand to the wind to dictate his foreign policy. Reagan’s internal resolve helped him achieve what he sought to do-extend freedom and eliminate the evil of communism. Thus, the Reagan/Bush administration saw the fall of the Soviet Empire and the end of the Cold War.

With the infiltration of terror and evil in the United States, it is necessary that President George Bush meet adversity with the same resolve that Reagan exhibited. President George Bush has made strong statements concerning US military action in the Middle East. It is evident that he is taking action to protect our nation and defend our fundamental right of liberty. It appears that Bush is modeling his resolve after Reagan to protect both the United States and all freedom-loving countries around the world from the diabolic misfits of society. While our prayers are with those whose heroism may cost them their lives, we should have confidence that the resolve of the President is similar to one of our greatest Presidents, Ronald Reagan. By maintaining a Reagan-like resolve, President Bush’s administration will achieve the goal of conquering terrorism in the same fashion that Reagan conquered communism.


Evan Murphy

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