Should Drivers of Ride Sharing Companies (UBER And Lyft) Be Allowed to Carry Weapons Such As Guns?

By Phoenix Summerland. on April 17, 2019 in U.S. News
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In our modern generation, modern technology became a big contributor to our life’s improvements. Modern technology and modern innovations became a burden lifter in each one’s life. Some of the innovations we have and uses in our lives is the car. Cars are built to allow us to go wherever we want; it’s the city, mountain tops, beaches, and other places we want to visit. Some cars are big, some are small, some are built for races, and some are built for travelling purposes. In connection with the modern technology and innovations, cars are now able to be improved and enhanced. With the help of the human’s s bright mind and the tools, equipment, and machines we have, it’s not impossible. It is not also impossible for us to build a car that flies and might drive us in the air.

New innovations and enhancements were already done to cars like a car having a remote to open the doors, a car with a direction provider, a car with radio and television, and so many more. One of the most recent innovations that a car has now is that having an application that can connect a commuter to the driver of a car. UBER is one great example of that. UBER became a trend in today’s generation for it gives a less hassle and easier travel. UBER is an example of a TNC – Transportation Network Company – which headquarter is located in San Francisco, California. The company offers a lot of services including food delivery, bicycle-sharing system, peer-to-peer ride sharing and a ride service hailing. In taking an UBER cab, a commuter must search for available drivers and cabs and contact them the needed information. Once the driver had received the commuter’s request and inquiry, he/she will immediately drive to the commuter’s location and drive the commuter to his/her desired location.

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These innovations only want to improve and provide a better driving experience for the people. Cars are meant to drive us safely going to wherever we want to be. Without these cars, transportation will be a big problem of our society. Lots of people will get a hard time travelling from one place to another. With these, exchange of goods and services from one place to another will not be possible and that will result to a poor economy. See, cars together with other vehicles plays a big role in our society’s system. But how if these cars which meant to drive us safely and improve our economy were the things that’ll take our lives? Is it still safe to ride a car?

An alarming car incident took the life of a pregnant Lyft driver at the city of Tempe, East Phoenix, Arizona. This incident became the headline of the top news networks not just in Arizona but also in other countries around the world. Questions in relation to this incident began to spread and fill the mind of the people and here is one of the questions of the people, how did it happen? The police and other trusted personnel began investigating the incident. Blood sheds are still fresh in the car, and the horror of this incident fills the car itself. People were already frightened to take Lyft cabs and thinks that this might happen to them.

The companies UBER and Lyft also began to help in investigating the incident and they also sent their help and condolences to the victim’s family, friends, and love ones. According to the report of the police and other witnesses, the suspect availed the Lyft cab to deliver him to his destination but as they are traveling, he attacked his Lyft driver with non-stop stabs that led to the driver’s sudden death. According to the investigation, the suspect wanted to take the car, but the driver strongly refused it. The suspect insisted to take the car due to some unexplained reasons and he tried to take it by also taking the life of his driver. The driver, which is pregnant, died due to the non-stop stabbing done by his commuter. This is considered as an awful incident for the suspect killed not only one innocent human being but two innocent beings. Sadness and fear began to take the city’s happy and beautiful life.

Should Drivers of Ride Sharing Companies

With this incident, the UBER and Lyft companies, lawmakers, and some concerned personnel began to discuss the solution of this case. Some proposed to give the drivers permission to carry weapons such as guns. According to a North Georgian Republican, UBER and Lyft drivers became the favorite victim of bad guys to do some things such as murder, carjacking, and many more. This gave State Representative, Scot Turner the idea to enact a bill that will prohibit the drivers to carry guns. He believes that this can protect the life of a driver in times of attacks. On the other hand, Lyft strictly follows their “No Weapon Policy” to ensure and gain the trust of their commuters. “People will be afraid to take our cab services knowing that their drivers are carrying deadly weapons with them”, explained by the Lyft. Still, the UBER and Lyft do not have any approval to the proposed bill.

Incidents like this needs to have an urgent discussion and solution. The concerned companies need to provide a coherent and cohesive solution to stop incidents like this. People, who like to avail their services, must feel safe and secured.

Indeed, our world is turning into a place where it is unsafe to live anymore. People were having terrors and fear to do things they want to do due to the alarming incidents happening in our world today. Violence and darkness began to take over our world. Murder here, crime there, snatching incident there, this only proves that we must take good care of our self and our loved ones. This world is not safe anymore, so we just need to start the change within ourselves. Let us change first our mindset that this place is a friendly one then next is our habits. It’s hard to trust someone you don’t know in today’s generation. Stay safe and secured.

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Phoenix Summerland

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    Seems like a controversial topic. Uber is stuck in a tough position here with protecting both drivers & riders interests. The 2A community will always apply pressure when possible.

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