The Guns of Fortnite: A Complete Guide to Fortnite Weapons

By Joanna Vizol. on February 28, 2019 in Entertainment
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In every game, whether it is online or not, weapons, tools, and other structures are needed. In the game entitled Fortnite, weapons are needed in able to survive and win the game. In this game blog from Big Law Titans, the players are brought in an island without any tool or weapon to survive. The players need to search for weapons like guns, rifles, etc. to fight the enemies. The enemies in here are zombie-like and the other players. In Fortnite: Battle Royale, there are one hundred players (100) that needs to do their best to survive. There are no pairings or groups, and the players need to fight alone for the sake of their survival. Every player is another player’s enemy, and that’s why weapons are badly needed.

Awareness and familiarization of Fortnite weapons can be a great help to play the game properly which can result in the winning of the game. There are many varieties and types of weapons in the Fortnite game. There are guns, rifles, grenade launchers, pistols, rocket launchers, shotguns, sniper rifles, submachine guns, grenades, and many more. These weapons can be a player’s tool to increase the rate of his/her survival. About the weapons, it has five different rarities to identify the characteristics, inclusions, and types of it.

Start with the color gray which means the common type of weapon. Compared with the other rarities, this is considered as the least and weakest type of weapon, but still, this will help the player to survive the game. Next is the color green, which means uncommon. This type of weapon has a more and higher level in regards to the characteristics, type, and inclusions of the weapon. Still, this is also a great help to survive. The third one is the blue one, which means rare. From the word itself, “rare”, this type of weapon is rare or hard to find. Compared to the first two types of weapons, this has a higher level of chance to defeat the enemies and survive the battle.

A Complete Guide to Fortnite Weapons

Next is the color purple, which means epic. This type of weapon is great to use to defend yourself and to defeat the enemies. This, compared to the previous types of weapons, gives the player a higher level of chance to win the game. This type of weapon is also second to the most outstanding weapon to use in playing the game. The players who got this weapon are so lucky and happy because they know that this might bring them into success.

The last one and the most outstanding, prestigious, expensive, and greatest weapon to use in the game is the color orange, which means the legendary. This type of weapon has the most powerful and outstanding performance and is the best weapon to use in the battle. The players who got this weapon are the luckiest, happy, and blessed for this weapon significantly offers the highest chance of winning the game. As long as the player knows how to use this weapon properly, they can defeat all the enemies and other players and bring themselves into success.

There are still many kinds and types of weapons in Fortnite, not just guns, rifles, shotguns, etc. Players can upgrade their game and search for other techniques or ways to collect more weapons. All of these weapons play a vital and essential role in the character of a player for them to survive and win the game. Also, players are given a chance to choose their character to be used in playing the game.

Sometimes, the game itself is the one who provides the player with the character to be used in the game. Also, the weapons, characters or other things related to Fortnite are being bought by the player. There are specific prices in each weapon so players must do their best to get it. There are also other ways to get weapons, to upgrade the game is one of it and to boost the player’s rank is also another one.  From the weakest weapon up to the strongest weapon, it all has a big contribution and help in the player’s success in playing the game. After all, the type of weapon that a player has been using is not just the factor in winning the game.

A Complete Guide to Fortnite Weapons

Success also includes tactics, techniques, logic, and perseverance. It’s okay to fail because playing this game is like a human life. It is not all about rainbows and unicorn since there are times that you will feel weak and you will approach rains and storms. These downfalls should not be the reason for a player to give up his/her game. Instead, a player must use and consider this as a teacher and guide to avoid committing the same mistakes again. This will teach the player to stand tall and firmly again, face the challenges and also face the success behind it. Never let the downfalls drag you even deeper and weaker in life. Fight it dear.

Just like in a Fortnite game, never let your loses drag you deeper and in the darkest time of your life. Fight that downfalls and embrace a brighter success. It is not bad to try the second time around. This will only prove that you are not weak, that you are mature enough to face loses, downfalls, and sadness. Try and try until you finally meet your aspired success or winnings. The weapons and tools are the given bonus for you to embrace your success. Use this as a ladder to reach the top, the success. But, one of the important note in life is that you should not use other people for you to achieve your success. Yes, they can help but never abuse them. Never use an opportunity to downgrade other people just for you to reach your success. Above all, these Fortnite weapons, together with the tactics, techniques, and other ways are vital to winning a game, a battle. Make these as a tool to achieve the success waiting for you soon.

Joanna Vizol

Joanna Vizol

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