The National Guard’s Logo will be Changed, and Here is Why

By Adam Knox. on March 31, 2019 in U.S. News
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A logo became a need and display that comprises and explains every history or hidden detail of every branch, sector, or institution of a country. We can observe from the tiniest or unpopular industry up to the biggest and popular one that they all have logos which become a representation of that sector. Examples of these are the businesses like the Apple, Nike, the Government and its sectors, some Private Sectors, and many else. A logo represents and makes way for a sector, institution, or any else to be classified and identified by the people. In this way, people can now easily name and classify every logo that is present in their place.

A flag of a country can also be considered as a logo for it represents a country, and with this, a country can be classified by other people from other parts of the world. And with this logo or representation, the people must be aware of it. In a governmental institution like the Army, the logo is also a must. This logo is considered as a treasure for it represents the Army itself and the history, stories, and sacrifices behind it. It’ll be unacceptable if a person does not know anything about a logo that once remarked their history. One example of this is the Minuteman Holding Rifle Logo of the National Guard which is proposed to be changed as fast as it can. This logo became a part of the history for it has a likeness in the statue at Concord, Massachusetts and represents the local militia who had stood to stop and halt the British Army’s 1775 seizure of powder and arms that became the reason for the spark of the Revolutionary War.

In this case, the Minuteman Holding Rifle Logo was proposed to be changed into a less complex logo. The new proposed logo has a black color background, Army National Guard word imprinted in a white and gold color, and a golden star. In favor of the gun control, the logo has a firearm which is believed as a wrong representation especially it is displayed and being studied in some schools. The logo shows a farmer holding a flintlock rifle from the 18th century in his right hand and a plow in his left hand. This logo is believed as not a suitable one to be the National Guard’s logo for it shows a simple farmer and not the soldiers who fought for the freedom of the country.

The National Guard’s Logo will be Changed

Another reason for the changing of the logo is the low quality of awareness of the people, especially the students. A research study shows that the students in today’s generation are not fully aware of the history of the logo and the logo itself. Some students lack in ideas and background of the logo. They are unable to explain even a single idea about the logo and its history. This is considered as one of the factors to change the logo. A citizen of a country must be aware of the logos comprising the institutions, sectors, and parts of their respective country.

Awareness about this logo is a must so that, they’re able to explain, express, and deliver their ideas about their country and the logo. Also, they can easily identify and classify any institutions, sectors, and parts with respective logos and that can result in an aware and promising citizen. Also, logos are used so that, the citizen can easily inquire the services offered by a specific institution, sector, or part like the hospital, local or national government, police, school, and public/private businesses. With this awareness, a citizen can easily benefit from the programs and services offered by the mentioned institutions. So, it is a must and important to be aware of a specific logo. These logos might be simple and unpopular in the eye, but these all have specific histories and importance in our life and world.

Changing the National Guard’s logo is not a bad thing, as long as it can and will still benefit not only the workers and staff of the National Guard but also all the people connected in it. The proposed logo is a simple one without any complex design. The proponents strongly believe that this logo represents the National Guard much better than the other one. The previous logo is believed to be uneasy to classify and recognize that is why a change was proposed. Still, the Minuteman Holding Rifle Logo will still be used as a logo in internal sectors of the said institution. This logo might be changed, but still, it has a major contribution to what we are doing and experiencing now. This logo became a part and will always be a part of the history, and no one or nothing can ever change that. Change is for the better, a wise philosopher once said, and this change might bring a better outcome that’ll benefit all the people. This logo might do better in some sector and might bring a better outcome.

Following the new proposed logo, it was planned with clear discussion, and the proponents assured not to find any gap when explaining the logo. The logo turned out to be a simple one but still represents the National Guard and its sectors. The proponents said that the logo must be easy to understand and clear to define. The new logo also has a better alignment to the active-duties being done by the members of the National Guard. With these changes, the only thing that matters in here is the service being offered by the National Guard. Let us hope that the National Guard will still bring and provide a good service to ensure a safe place for the people to live in. These changes are not only for the better situation of the present and modern generation, but it is also for the next and future generations. Let us all be united in embracing a better and brighter future for you and me, and the future of humanity.

Adam Knox

Adam Knox

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